Native Sons of the Golden West
Lincoln, California
ioof.jpg (47476 bytes) 5th Street looking Southwest in 1920. The IOOF building is in the foreground and the Burdge is the large building in the   background.

The IOOF building  has recently had a major renovation. It is home to Beermans Restraint and Placer Savings. The Burdge hotel was distorted in a fire and the site now contains a Big-O-Tire store.

The Lincoln Native Sons dedicated a plaque to the IOOF building in 1998.

5thstreet.jpg (55263 bytes) 5th Street looking Northeast 1906. It looks much as it does now with the exception of  paved streets.  The Lincoln Native Sons dedicated a plaque to the Fleming building in 1998.
5gthstreet.jpg (69945 bytes) 5th and G street (Highway 65) 1905.  Titled "Storing the Harvest", this Ingram's Drug Store postcard demonstrates the bounty of Lincoln's agriculture. This block is mostly vacant now.  Was home to Jansen feed store.

Note the awning on what  was Lincoln Auto parts. Hopefully this block can be restored.


burdge2.jpg (336770 bytes) 5th Street looking Southeast in 1905. Burdge Hotel in the foreground and the   in the  IOOF building background.
school.jpg (61583 bytes) Lincoln Grammar School  3rd and F street was built in1888 and torn down in 1921.